Friday, January 11, 2013

Escape from Parenthood

My husband and I are very lucky.  My mom and dad like to have our three boys spend the night a lot!  The truth is my dad enjoys it more than my mom does.  My dad, or Pawpaw, goes through withdrawals if he hasn't seen the three boys in a few days.  I often get texts from him asking when the next STN (spend the night) will be.  Consequently, the boys are out of the house several weekend nights out of the month.

The last few years we've gotten to where we meet just about halfway between our houses at a gas station right off the highway.  The boys are always excited when they are on their way to spend the night with Mawmaw and Pawpaw.  They love them and all but a big reason is because they have satellite at their house and can catch up on their Disney teeny bopper shows and anything else that my mom might've recorded for them.  We disconnected our satellite a few years ago.  We've got a few locals and pbs over here, plus netflix.

Yes, they are excited to go spend time with their grandparents and their favorite television shows but it doesn't match the excitement that I feel as I pull away from the gas station ALONE.  Nobody calling shotgun, no arguments, but not silence either because I blast the radio in a celebration of sweet freedom from parenthood.  I am on cloud 9 during the fifteen minute drive home.  I walk in the door and realize I don't have to give baths, oversee homework, debate over why teeth should be brushed now, etc.

 David and I usually stay in since we've been eating healthier.  Going out to eat isn't all that when you are counting calories.    We have a quiet evening in.  So nice.  It feels just like when we were dating.  We reconnect.  Most importantly, we rejuvenate because everytime the boys depart, there is always an impending arrival!

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