Friday, January 18, 2013

A Hodgepodge Dinner

This has been a crazy week.  The boys had school on Monday and then a ferocious (not really) ice storm came and school was cancelled due to inclement weather on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The boys returned to school yesterday. They have today off due to teacher inservice and also have Monday off for Martin Luther King day.  Tough week for a stay at home mom of three boys.

It's funny how hungry the boys are on days when they aren't at school.  I'm talking about being hungry an hour after breakfast.  Then again an hour before lunch!  It's hard to keep these boys fed on a budget with grocery prices as high as they are.  I do the best I can.  I try to stretch food.  We really don't eat out to speak of.  Money is just too tight.  School days help because they eat lunch at school and I only have to provide breakfast, snack, dinner, and they insist on some sort of dessert after dinner.

This past Wednesday Ross was yearning for some "restaurant food".  He even had everyone write down the restaurant of everyone's choice.  David and I played along even though we knew the Newberrys would be eating in for dinner.  Later that night I remembered that Ethan had a free meal coming from Raising Cane's for making good grades.  I had also responded to a guest customer service survey recently from another chain and had a free chicken sandwich waiting for me.  I had received a subway gift card from my mom for Christmas and still had money left on it.  Voila!  Ross got his "restaurant food" dinner last night!

After dropping Ross off at Art, I then picked up meals for Ethan and Ross at two different restaurants and spent no money. David picked up Subway for the two of us and we split a $5 sandwich using the gift card.  Christian hadn't eaten all of his lunch so he dined on his leftovers.  It was a great dinner and a nice reprieve from my monotonous menu!